iTools 4 Download for iOS 11 Mac and Windows | iTools 2018

iTools 4 Download and Install to iPhone iPod touch or iPad running on iOS 11.2

iTools is a creditable freeware built in the aim of Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Management. Adding up the compatibility to latest iOS 11 firmware, iTools iOS 11 upgrade can now be found the most recent upgraded from which one can expect the all in one management solution better than iTunes, the Apple’s own solution. If in case you doubt, “how” let us make it clear through the update iTools 4 Download here.

Over the things you can manage in your mobile, more can be found through the desktop. But for that you need the support of compatible desktop software that can serve best for your device variant and the iOS firmware it takes. So better than iTunes, iTools 2018 here moves to the user with use of its amazing, user-supportive components. So it is the time to end up all hesitation with Apple’s own iTunes as iTools promises to take everything in the control superior than iTunes.

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iTools 4 now available to download Windows and Mac

Why iTools 4 Download?

Anybody in the need of proper iPhone, iPad and iPod management can Download iTools free. It comes inspired of all good in iTunes, but bringing a better frame in the functionality. It is true that, the need of iOS management appears different from one another. But the benefit having iTools Download is, it can work to everybody’s need through the same set of tools. So once you are iTools privileged, you with rights to all its tools to use in the exact need. Unlike iTunes, you are not forced by anyone here and you become completely free in the interface.

Just like the name implies, iTools 4 download is a software comes packed various tool with it. And when everything comes free in it, you can easily backup/restore data, try firmware upgrades manually, handle the desktop, transfer data to any, enjoy customization features, handle the battery and can do so much to the measures you required. So having iTools 4, the updated version here, you are all taken hold of an improved frame with best compatibility to iOS 11 latest. To make you clearer on what are they, here we go for iTools 4 Features separately.

iTools 4 Features in brief

  • Media Manager - iTools is a great source from which you can transfer media file from the PC to device easily. And when it comes to the things you could work with, they will be like images, Podcasts, videos, audio file, PDF files and etc
  • Complete Backups and Restores - One of the most used iTools 4 Features is backups and restores. Better than iTunes itself here you can get the result putting less effort and time too. So once you launch you will find the option backup in the interface without difficulty
  • iTools AirPlayer - iTools AirPlayer is an amazing free option with the application taking you to a enormous screen experience. In fact, this is effective in gaming, video playing, watching movies etc. through Mac or Windows. And at the same time this allows you to share your screen experience with others which is considered a worth option added to make something visible to a wide spectators
  • iTools Files Management - When Apple not offers reliable solution to iOS file handling in the default frame, the need becomes worse. But here in iTools, you will meet an upgraded option to make all files handling cleaner and systematic. With this, you can add, remove, edit, list down and do so much similar
  • Battery Manager - Knowing how often you meet with battery draining troubles, iTools 4 gives the updated Battery Master. From this you can easily administrate the battery status. It will be helpful in getting info on boot voltage, temperature, SN value of the battery, actual capacity, battery status and etc.
  • Ringtone Maker - This one of the iTools exclusive features. Having this you can work with best customization features with change of the ringtone and etc. And with this special feature you can even use your voice clips, mash-ups and start working for your own ringtone to put as one of the originals
  • Icon Arranger - This is another interesting iTools feature that helps you in arranging your icons of the iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Image Tool - The image tool comes in iTools 4 Download is another useful and often required option. With that, you can preview images in the original resolution with fine support to share via Mac or Windows. And at the same time, you can take the use of this feature for organize the files, create folders, move from one place to another, try advanced edits through big screen and more

iTools iOS 11 for Windows- Downloads and Updates

It is interesting to know iTools is working through both Windows and Mac. But to have t flawlessly, check for the system requirements whether on Windows XP version to Windows 10 or the version Vista. As iTools here promises on the best support ability you will no longer required worrying about the connecting troubles possible. iTools iOS 11 for Windows tool will be compatible for all 64-bit devices running iOS 11 and for other devices in respectively for the firmware take.

iTools 4 Download for Mac- Downloads and Updates

Better than iTools for Windows, iTools work well on Mac operating system. Once you get successfully installed, you will get plenty of advantages like backups/restores, file management, battery handling and etc. Download iTools iOS 11 for Mac.

About the iTools 4 Pros and Cons

As we came through different sections, iTools bring a lot of things to whistle. In fact, it can bring us all level of iOS management to the amount we expect from iTunes. So there is no wonder why iTools 4 download calls the best alternative to iTunes. But if we take a look, there are several points you need knowing as drawbacks in the software. So take them to view as follows,

  • The little delay sometimes could happen when running the operations.
  • In wanting of the access to iTunes

How to Download and Install iTools 4?

Just like all previous iTools download versions, you here need following only a few easy steps to get iTools installed successfully. So search for the iTools latest 4 upgrade on the PC and download the link. Then install the program on the PC following the screen instructions properly. Once done, connect your device and enjoy all tools free.

Final Words about iTools Download for iOS 11 to iOS 11.0.3 in 2018

With iTools 2018 you can bring all your iPhone, iPad and iPod management to a clear resulting. So you can save your time, money, unwanted effort on various other programs as iTools can make everything simple. So take your iOS 11 upgraded device to best management with iTools 4 Download.